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    Yongfeng machinery is committed to the food processing industry

    Dripping type Hammer-style Crasher

    Sfsp series water-drop type high efficiency hammer mill is the most advanced in china at present mainly used for milling grainy materials including corn,grist and chaff,which is featured by favorable adaptability,high efficiency,stability,safety,easy operation and maintenance.
    It is the ideal product for such industries as food,feedstuff and chemical engineering.

    Dripping type Hammer-style Crasher

    Dripping type Hammer-style Crasher

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    AnLu Yongfeng Food Processing Machine Co., Ltd.
    Add: No.250 DeAn North Road,Anlu City
    Zip code: 432600
    Tel: +86-712-5257893
    Gao Feng (Sales Director) : ??15607296519
    Contact: +86-18907296718(Zhang)
    E-mail: hbyflj@163.com



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